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Ventilační systém poskytující ochranu před radioaktivní, biologickou a chemickou kontaminací


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The ventilation system of the VA-40/75/150 series shelters protects people and equipment in emergency situations.It was originally desgined and developed to protect against the effects of weapons, such as air blasts, shock waves, seismic shocks, shrapnel, etc. and to clean the external air contaminated with chemical, biological or radioactive substances.

The ventilation system supplies the shelter with clean air and provides an overpressure of 50-250 Pa. The kit consists of a fan (VA, air handling unit) that sucks the outside air through an explosion-proof valve with a pre-filter (ESV-VF).

In case of contaminated air, connect the NBC filter of the corrugated hose between the fan and the air flow meter. The required amount of air is adjusted on the flow meter, and the valves regulate safe supply and exhaust of air from the shelter.

If you plan to build a shelter or a room that is to provide shelter for the time of danger, you should take into account how many people this room is supposed to accommodate. Each person staying in such a room, by breathing, accelerates the consumption of clean air produced by the device for filtering the outside air. Therefore, it is very important to choose a properly efficient device for our needs.
Here is a table that will help you choose the right ventilation size.

Type Protected area Air volume (filter / fresh air) Reflected pressure security
VA-40 Up to 15 m2 40 / 80 m3 /h 3 bar
VA-75 Up to 25 m2 75 / 150 m3 /h 3 bar
VA-150 Up to 50 m2 150 / 300 m3 /h 3 bar
VA-300 Larger shelters 300 / 600 m3 /h 3 bar


For example, the tanks for the VA-40/75/150/300/600 system are shown

What NBC system do you need:

  • Max up to 13 people - VA-40
  • From 14 to 25 people - VA-75
  • From 26 to 50 people - VA-150
  • From 201 to 800 people - VA-300

In larger shelters, the system can be connected in parallel.


Explosion-proof valves

Explosion Proof and Overpressure, Explosion Proof Valves are used to seal air inlets and outlets in NBC shelters, command centers, headquarters, etc. Explosion Proof Valves are often used in other exposed facilities where increased protection is required (e.g. power plants, command centers, etc.)

Explosion-protected valves protect air supply and exhaust openings in shelters against sudden gusts of air with a pressure of up to 1 bar.
Explosion-proof valves with pre-filters (ESV-VF) of appropriate size (depending on the amount of air used) must be used at the air inlet.



ESV-VF 40: for an air volume of 40m3/h*
ESV-VF 75-150: for air volume 75-150m3/h *

* Filter mode (in fresh air mode, the air volume doubles).


The valves protect people and equipment from pressure surges and resulting suction caused by nuclear and conventional explosions.

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